JoRita Davis has been a Winfield resident since 1946. On September 16, 2006, JoRita started having indigestion and heartburn and later noticed pain going up into her neck. Like many people, JoRita believed that she was well informed about cardiovascular disease and this was not her current problem. She did go to the WNH emergency department, however, and much to her surprise ended up having cardiac surgery in Wichita.
   JoRita's mother had heart failure and now she realizes she had many of the risk factors for a possible heart attack. Although she was not a smoker or exposed to second-hand smoke, she was over age 55 and obese. She had high blood pressure for many years and her cholesterol level was starting to go up even though it hadn't been high in the past. Due to hip and knee problems, JoRita was not an active person.
   JoRita also had many of the "classic" signs and symptoms of a heart attack. She experienced chest pain, persistent pain like indigestion, some shortness of breath that others noticed, and swelling feet.
   One month after her heart surgery, she made yet another trip to the WNH ER. JoRita was building up fluid and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Her physician ordered Heart Menders as part of her follow up care.
   JoRita started cardiac rehabilitation (Heartmenders) January 9, 2007. "Heartmenders has made a big difference in my life" she says. "I wouldn't have had the confidence to exercise on my own. The education and knowing the staff is monitoring my progress makes the difference."
   "I was like many other women who are in denial that they are having a heart problem. I cannot say enough about the care I received at William Newton Hospital in the emergency room and Heartmenders. I am here today because of the WNH staff."